Completing a Ceremonial Sand Ceremony


There are various types of ceremonies that as humans we hold and they serve various functions. For example we have graduation ceremonies, wedding ceremonies and such like events. A wedding is a  ceremony where two people are joined together and they are made to be one. It is an elaborate social event that is attended by a lot of people who celebrate with the couple. There are other ceremonies that go hand in hand with the wedding for example the wedding sand ceremony. This is an event where the couples, their friends and children participate in pouring sand together to signify unity among all of them. In a Sandsational Sparkle ceremony, there are normally with different colors of sand in vases and each of the friends to the couple come and pour theirs into the same vase as a sign of togetherness. This is done in turns, the parents go first, the children and finally the friends.

The sand ceremony came to replace the unity candle ceremony. This is because a candle could be blown out by the wind making it to go off. This is not the case for the sand. Sand is able to withstand harsh environmental weather conditions. Another benefit of sand is that it is available in the shops and you can buy natural an affordable price. There are different shades of sand that you can buy and this will make the event more appealing to the attendants. There are some things that you need to consider when you are planning for a Sandsational Sparkle wedding sand ceremony for example if it is the set up, you should ensure that there is a place where guests can stay, for example a small table with a vase will do the trick. A wedding sand ceremony is normally conducted outdoors and thus you need to consider the prevailing weather conditions. For example if the area is very humid you can use air tight containers or cases to carry the sand so that it does not spoil the ceremony.

Another thing you should safeguard on is the possibility of the sand pouring off in the wrong way once you are emptying it into the vase. To prevent this from happening, you can for example use a funnel when pouring the sand so that you can avoid the mess that might come about with sand pouring for example on clothes and the like. Learn more about weddings at


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